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Assessment of Crisis Preparedness Resourcing to Stress Tests

Lenka Maléřová, Vilém Adamec, Romeu da Silva Vicente, Jakub Brumar
Transactions of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Safety Engineering Series
2018, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 8-14
Doi: 10.2478/tvsbses-2018-0002
Crisis preparedness of territorial units, as well as individual elements of their safety systems, can be verifi ed in different ways. In the Czech Republic screening exercises are often used for these purposes. Testing exercises should take place in conditions as similar as possible to the real case scenarios. However, this is often not possible for different reasons (e.g. considerable costs associated to practicing actions). One option is the use of stress tests that are presently used (e.g. nuclear safety). The aim of this article is to highlight and discuss this issue and outline the possible approach to reliable solution.
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