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Adolescents and Learning to Drive: Recommendations to Improve Road Safety Through Additional Driver Education

Darren Delaney, Karen Klockner, Yvonne Toft
Transactions of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Safety Engineering Series
2020, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 47-59
Doi: 10.35182/tses-2020-0006
Motor vehicle accidents have catastrophic consequences and whilst the presumption is that every accident can be identified to a single unambiguous cause, educational campaigns are being implemented to reduce the high rate of accidents that occur on the roadway. Whilst the premise behind these campaigns is to highlight the risks to the road user, they appear to be misguided in their approach by focusing on the changing the behaviours that have already been learned. To incorporate these campaigns into the Graduated Licensing Scheme new driving modules can be integrated to ensure every new motorist understands how to drive safely.
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