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Evaluation of Records from Driving Dynamics Testing on Training Polygons

Ladislav Jánošík, Pavel Poledňák, Izabela Šudrychová, Petr Vlček, Ivana Jánošíková, Karolína Jonová, Vítězslav Nováček
Transactions of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Safety Engineering Series
2022, Volume 17, Issue 2, Pages 1-13
Doi: 10.35182/tses-2022-0004
The paper briefly informs about the content, procedures and objectives of the student grant competition project (ID No. SP2021/58) entitled “Verification of driving characteristics of water tender type firefighting vehicles” (Šudrychová et al., 2022). It summarizes the results of one of the two main project objectives, namely the evaluation of records from driving dynamics testing on training polygons under emergency braking when driving in a straight line and in a circle at a speed approaching the vehicle rollover safe limit. These two tasks are essential driving skills and must be reliably mastered by firefighting vehicle drivers in critical situations on the road.
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