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Attenuation of Infrared Radiation When Passing Through a Water Curtain

Dalibor Balner, Karla Barčová, Michal Dostál
Transactions of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Safety Engineering Series
2017, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 1-8
Doi: 10.1515/tvsbses-2017-0001
This article focuses on the interaction of infrared (IR) radiation with water droplets. The main objective of the article is the production of water mist in order of evaluation the reduction in intensity of IR radiation. In the experiments described in this paper, a set of five different nozzles was used with various spray characteristics. The respective nozzles were gradually located between the IR radiation source and a detector and the attenuation of IR radiation was assessed. The reduction in IR radiation intensity was determined and IR radiation transmittance was calculated for the respective tested nozzles.
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